Game of Thrones Conquest – Important Ways to Rule the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones is the most popular series in the world, and there are billions of fans in the world that has started playing its game also. Game of Thrones Conquest is a mobile game with lots of gamers that have registered it and play it every day. Both Android and iOS devices are compatible with the game, and there are so many amazing things that players can do, and everything is mentioned below. There are so many rewards available in the game, and many of them can be obtained by Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats 2019 easily.

Rule the seven kingdoms by following ways

There are several types of tasks and missions available in Game of Thrones Conquest, and every task and mission will lead the player close to the throne, which is the result of getting the entire kingdom. Millions of players play the game, and every player has their own strategy to conquer. Now we will discuss some important ways to be the ruler.

Complete the task and quests –

It’s a big part of the game, and every player has to do it in order to be the one and only ruler. Quests missions are important because all of these missions provide lots of things that increase the experience level. There are so many missions are available in the game, but other missions available when one task is completed.

Make a strong army and attack on the opponent base –

In the game, gamers have to make a strong base and attack on the opponent base in order to be strong. Keep the strong army buy keeping them upgrade up to date. Use Game of Thrones Conquest Cheats 2019 to upgrade the army and defenses instantly.

Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS – Top 5 Features for the Gamers!

Critical Force Ltd. launched a most popular action game of these days named Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS. The particular game is don’t like all other action games because it deals in all classic or stunning features due to which the same game become impressive among all others. Another fine thing which all gamers should know is that they are lots of playing modes in the game such as single-player as well as multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode is more exciting than the single-player mode.

5 classic features every person should know

Mentioned below are the main features of Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS present. So, the games need to know them and then play the game accordingly to make quick progress.

1.       The game provides high-quality or 3D graphics which almost give a realistic gaming experience.

2.       There are various playing modes present in Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS such as Team Deathmatch, gun game, and Defuse, etc.

3.       The game deals in an in-app purchases feature by which players buy all essential things using their real-life money.

4.       Also, Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS contains various types of currency and rewards which are present in the form of aimbots and credits.

5.       In Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS, there are lots of objectives, events and challenges provided to the gamers which they have to complete as to move ahead.

All these are the main 5 features of Critical Ops: Multiplayer FPS which makes the game impressive or stunning among all others.

About currency

Well, in the particular game currency is present in two forms i.e. aimbots and credits. Gamers need to earn them in good amount. Now, the major thing which all gamers should know is that they easily get credits by using the critical ops credits generator and hack option. It is the best and simplest way to get unlimited credits without putting efforts in the game.

CSR Racing 2 – Guide for Beginner to Be a Legendary Racer

In order to be a legend racer, you have to play like an expert. Now to be an expert gamer, understanding is the key. CSR Racing 2 is a revolutionary car racing mobile game with over millions of gamer around the world. The developer of CSR Racing 2 Natural motion games has developed in a perfect way. In the game, there are so many legendary cars are available that run like the rocket, and there are many ways to unlock them in the game. To get all of the legendary cars, you can use CSR Racing 2 Hack 2019 without spending any time longer.

Guide for beginner

CSR Racing 2 an amazing racing game with amazing racing experience in it. If you haven’t played a racing game, then it will be the first and one of the best racing games you will play. First of all, in order to be a perfect racer, and every gamer has to understand the controls and features. At the beginning of the game, you will have a simple car, which is great for learning driving. After reaching a higher level and participating in the events, CSR Racing 2 Hack 2019 is the best way is to get fast cars.

¯  Features to learn

¯  Participate in amazing events

¯  Drive legendary cars

¯  Stung graphics

¯  Customize the cars

¯  Real-time racing

¯  AR mode to watch the car with depth

All of these features make CSR Racing 2 an epic & interesting mobile game because it has many amazing cars in it, then it must be sure that you will experience many amazing things in it. 

3 Interesting Components That We Should Know In BitLife- Life Simulator


People are spending time with online mobile games, and one of the top viral games is the BitLife- Life Simulator. The game is based on a simulator, and we can do many tasks for achievements. It is free to play, and we can download it by the android store or official game website. In the gameplay, various challenging tasks are for playing and earning more fame by solving numbers of questions. The game is developed by the CandyWriter LLC for android and IOS mobile device.

It is text-based fun, and you have to collect more amount of currency for growing. The game has not many complex levels, and the players must enter the full details for playing. Anyone can choose the BitLife f=’’>Cheats for a high amount of currency, and this cheat is a secure way for it. In this article, we are giving some vital information for playing.  

Go with different chapters 

The players can select his subject for it, and you have to be ready for it. There are many kinds of chapters for playing, and the users can unlock them. Each chapter has funny questions, and the players have to answer them for gaining his ranking in the game.

Play in quest 

Random questions are arriving in quest rounds, and you can level up by them. The game gives the chance to set many things before it started. It is the best way for enhancing knowledge about general things.

Enjoying funny things 

Along with questions you can also meet with several kinds of cartoons. They all are for enjoyment, and we can get them by spending some amount of currency. Earn the currency in numerous ways, and the BitLife Cheats is an effortless way for it.

How Gamers Can Enhance the Experience in Golf Battle Game?

Golf battle is one of the popular games on Google play store and Apple App store because of its impressive features and High-Definition graphics that gamers can level up quickly without facing any issue. 

Moreover, gamers should keep focused In-Game items on time to time so that they can easily beat their opponents and win more and more matches with minimum efforts. If you want to make this game easier, then you can link with Facebook account and invite your friends that also help to obtain a good amount of currency. 

Learn the Basic of Golf battle Game!                                          

·         Firstly, gamers can challenge anyone from around the world and play with them with the motive of victory. Gather your kith and play on 1v1 match or up to 6 then you need to connect with social media account. 

·         This game has easy controls that anyone can play it with minimum efforts. In details, gamers have only one motive is to reach their ball at the perfect place by taking the best position. As soon as you follow the instructions of gameplay and apply them at the right time, then you can easily beat the opponents and prove yourself king of the golf course. 

·         You can take little time to make strategies or relax in the classic mode. One should also unlock special clubs or upgrading the existing one by spending coins and gems in a good amount. As soon as level up quickly by putting your maximum efforts then you can easily unlock further ones. 

NBA Live Mobile Basketball – A Needy Guide for the Starters!

If you are newbie to NBA Live Mobile Basketball, then it’s your major responsibility to learn everything about the game first and then start playing it. Therefore, in the same post you are going to meet with all significant things that a new player should know before start playing NBA Live Mobile Basketball. The first thing which gamers must know is that they are provided with lots of classic leagues, tournaments, live events, challenges and also with exciting achievements as well. They have to play all these as to earn currency and make progress in NBA Live Mobile Basketball.

Value of in-game currency

From the starting, gamers need to know the importance of in-game currency. They have to know that in order to make progress in NBA Live Mobile Basketball players require currency in huge amount. Now, the main thing is that how they earn coins and cash in huge amount? So, they simply have to perform those ways by which they earn currency. They also get cash and coins by using nba live mobile hack 2020 and cheats. It is the simplest way to get anything in the game without playing.

Create a powerful team

Well, gamers should know that they have to fill their basketball team with almost great players. It is the best way to win more matches in all leagues and tournaments. It is the only way to come at the top of the leader board.

As mentioned earlier that they are free to use nba live mobile hack 2020 and cheats to unlock any player, so they have to use the same options and get all great players in their team to make it stronger than before. By using hacks and cheats, you easily become able to get all things in NBA Live Mobile Basketball and also make progress easily.

Gangstar Vegas – Stunning Details that You Should Know!

In Gangstar Vegas game has story-based missions where gamers kill their thieves or enemies in order to get a good amount of resources. Gamers should always keep focused on their weapons so that they can easily kill their opponents at any time.

What’s more? As soon as accomplished the missions, then lateral ones become very challenging with the passage of each stage, so every player always prepares their character with great skills. If you don’t want to put efforts while playing the game buy able to get diamonds or other resources in a huge amount then you can take help from hack gangstar vegas without spending a single cent on it.

Learn the Basics of Gangstar Vegas!

ü  Before start facing missions then every player need to follow the instructions of gameplay and apply all of them at the right time. In details, after knowing the gameplay concept, then your first step is to create the characters with unique shooting skills in order to complete the missions quickly.

ü  However, there are different types of vehicles also available in the game that you have to buy or unlock by grab diamonds in a good amount that helps your characters to catch the thieves easily. Always select a fast car from the main menu so that challenging missions convert into an easier one.

ü  Finally, gamers also have to their character’s strength and weakness so that they don’t fail to complete the missions in Gangster Vegas game. With the help of hack gangster vegas, players can get In-Game Items as per their wish without investing your real or virtual money.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Learn Tricks & Important Features to Progress

Plant vs. Zombies is that kind of game which is acknowledged by every gamer of a mobile gamer. In the mobile gaming industry, this game has a different level. Millions of players around the world play it and enjoy as well. The developer Electronic Arts have made it with fantastic graphics management and dynamic sound quality. There are various stages and the world in the game, and players can unlock new plants and zombies with currency and Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats easily.

Important features and tips

As I mentioned above that in the game, there are various stages and world, all these stages and world are only unlocked when players complete missions and each stage accordingly. There are hundreds of plants and zombies in the game; every plant and zombie is different from others. In order to win the battles with zombies, players have to upgrade the energy of plants. Now some important tips to reach higher levels –

Use special attacks of the plants to stop the zombies – Every kind of plant have special powers which help them to kill the zombies before reaching the lawn of plants. Use every attack of the plant and stop the zombies. Unlock every kind of plants so you can use them to stop zombies, use mints to unlock plants or use Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats because both are easy to use.

Create your strategy to stop zombies – In order to stop the zombies players have to make a proper strategy because some zombies don’t stop walking and the best thing to beat them is to use special platy attacks on them to knock them out. Big zombies are hard to stop but easy to kill they cover the zombies.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – Overview And Features


Dragon Ball is a popular Japanese anime series that has fans worldwide and now there is a game on it. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle is a popular game that is developed and designed by Akatsuki and you can download it for Android and IOS device. The game is one of the best in all kind of it. The graphics and visuals made it best and if you are diehard fan of gaming then Dokkan battle is surely for you. Make sure that you follow some of the basic guides to have a start with boost. In order to be the best gamer, there are some tips that you can follow and get rid of all the issues with ease. You need to be selective in approach otherwise it is hard to progress.   It is free to plat game that is offering in-app purchases for gamers that aren’t able to earn currencies.

The Currencies

Zeni is the primary currency of the game that is common to avail and play the vital role in winning. On the other hand, dragon stones are more premium and negligible to obtain due to few methods. You can’t get it by playing only so you have to spend the money. The hitherto daunting task can be eliminated with the help of tutorials so you should follow them.

Features Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

There are so many things offered by the developers and if you start exploring now then it will take lots of time. Still, the main features that made this game more interactive is –

•             The game is offering you the chance to explore the world of dragons as there are so many areas to get into. You can explore the areas and the unique board style gameplay is going to give you thrill. You can obtain so many items while exploring and the power-ups can help too.

•             There is a Ki sphere on the screen that is all about supersonic combat. The fighting will be extremely awesome. Even the developers’ claim that you screen isn’t going to support it properly.

•             You are here to awaken the heroic potential of the character and keep on upgrading them so that you can make them stronger for every battle. The dragons in beginning and in later stages are completely different as you will upgrade them till the max.

•             Assembling a team is the best option in which you have the option to develop a team of three characters and keep on changing them according to the battle. It will help you last longer on the battle ground.

These are all the features that are going to help you out for sure and if you don’t want to face any issue then most probably, you need to Dragon Ball Legends Hack on earning of resources. Developing a battling style is important and it requires little attention so get started by focusing on it. It will take few days to master on the game.