Plants vs. Zombies 2 – Learn Tricks & Important Features to Progress

Plant vs. Zombies is that kind of game which is acknowledged by every gamer of a mobile gamer. In the mobile gaming industry, this game has a different level. Millions of players around the world play it and enjoy as well. The developer Electronic Arts have made it with fantastic graphics management and dynamic sound quality. There are various stages and the world in the game, and players can unlock new plants and zombies with currency and Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats easily.

Important features and tips

As I mentioned above that in the game, there are various stages and world, all these stages and world are only unlocked when players complete missions and each stage accordingly. There are hundreds of plants and zombies in the game; every plant and zombie is different from others. In order to win the battles with zombies, players have to upgrade the energy of plants. Now some important tips to reach higher levels –

Use special attacks of the plants to stop the zombies – Every kind of plant have special powers which help them to kill the zombies before reaching the lawn of plants. Use every attack of the plant and stop the zombies. Unlock every kind of plants so you can use them to stop zombies, use mints to unlock plants or use Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats because both are easy to use.

Create your strategy to stop zombies – In order to stop the zombies players have to make a proper strategy because some zombies don’t stop walking and the best thing to beat them is to use special platy attacks on them to knock them out. Big zombies are hard to stop but easy to kill they cover the zombies.