Various steps to operate the Avent manual breast pumps

The breast pump is the ideal concept that is used to pump the milk for your baby when you are unable to breastfeed your baby due to some health problem, or you have gone to some other place away from your baby. The Avent manual breast pump is the most preferred pump that is used for slow pumping, and they take much more time than electric breast pumps from striping milk from your breast. The various steps are to be followed to get maximum milk from the breast.

1.       Firstly, you have to wash the breast pump when you use it for the first time. Dismantle all the parts of the breast pump and then put them in the boiling water. It will kill all the germs and adequately clean the breast pump. Then put it on the dry towel to make it dry.

2.       Secondly, assemble all the parts of the breast pump and screw the handle of the pump on the top of the pump. Then you should ensure that all the parts are working efficiently.

3.       Then you should sit on the chair in a comfortable position. Be patient while using the manual pump as it may take up to 45 minutes. There will be a productive flow of milk if you will do this activity without stress and being attentive.

4.       Place the funnel on your breast and then press the rim of the breast pump. The areola should be in the center of the funnel of the pump. Then hold the manual-pump with one hand and pump the milk with the other hand.

5.       Lastly, press the handle of the breast pump, and when the milk begins to flow, you should swap to other breast and repeat the process. Then you can store the milk in the air-tight container